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Level: Beginner to Upper-intermediate Learn to paint a male portrait that shows personality with energy and movement. The "straight-on" angle of the headmakes it an ideal starting point into expressive portraiture. Create bold brushwork, and reflective skin tone colors that dances across the canvas. Wow! What an exciting decision you have just made. Creating colorful magic through acrylic painting is a lifetime journey of joy, creativity, and growth as an artist. You will discover potential you never new you had in you! How to use your painting videos. There is no limit to how many times you can watch a video, so take your time and go through the material at the pace that works for you. When you click on a link to a video, it will pop up in your internet browser. From there, you can easily play, pause, and rewatch. I have been very thorough and hopefully clear to help you through your journey. Start and stop your videos at any place, rewind and watch again as many times as you need to. When you have completed the stage and feel ready for the next step, just hit play on the next video and follow along again. Let’s get started! Remember to document with photos for each one of your steps

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